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Version complète : Problem with Audio quality in L1 Frontier Labs
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Hello All!
I prefear to write in english in spite of french becouse I understand well French [if you prefear you can talk to me speaking your beautiful language!] but I speak poorly!
Here my problem: I bought a Frontier Labs L1 used by Ebay, and I get a crap!
All is fine, but not the sound quality! It's too RAW: songs are uncomprhensible, and there is a lot of fuss in earphones during the listening.
Then, after the rawness has reached the top (earphones seems to explode!!) sound become suddenly FINE! After one or two minutes of good sound, music turn to be raw... and I really don't know why and what to do!
Please help me frown.gif
Just an advice, you should go to the English section, i think you'll have help there Sourire.gif
It really looks like you simply got a faulty unit, especially if the problem reappears from time to time. I'm not familiar with Frontier Labs, but it doesn't seem to be a normal behaviour for any Mp3 Player.
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