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[JBMM] Nouveau Firmware 1.1.6 dispo...
posté 24/12/2002, 10:11
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Voici la liste des améliorations du dernier firmware pour JBMM dispo depuis aujourd'hui!

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PS: Au fait, connaissez-vous ce site:
(Il s'agit d'une maquette de fantasme d'interface oops.gif pour le JBMM).

Fixed bug: avi stops and is well saved now, when battery is low and auto shutdown runs
Fixed bug: time/date stamp is now well set in all recorded file(jpg/avi/mp3)
Fixed bug: MPEG4 decoder upgrade ( Xvid decoding bug-fix)
Fixed bug: When copying large amount of data from SM/CF unit will
    not power down immediately after copying finished.
Fixed audio2video sync for AVI playback for low MP3 bitrates
Fixed AVI playing very fast at the end
Fixed AVI sometimes hanging at the end
Fixed bug: Battery icon is displayed only when level measure is valid

Display: Track display changed to 4 digits
New Functionality: Added option "shuffle playlist" in playlist editor which will randomize the playlist
New Functionality: Maximum setting of PowerOffTime changes to "never", unit is always on
New Functionality: Maximum setting of BackLightTIme changes to "never", backlight is always on
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posté 26/12/2002, 00:09
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et en francais ca donne koi ? bigyellow.gif
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