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Mettre à jour le firmware iAudio M3, Toutes les explications
posté 21/05/2004, 12:54
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iAUDIO the RAID method of M3 firmware Ub

* The up-to-date firmware from the www.iAUDIO.com data thread knock-down is a possibility of receiving with no charge.

IPB Image Before establishing,

1. It provides from the iAUDIO.com and the compression of the up-to-date Firmware Zip file which it gives and in the folder of option it releases it stores.

2. The RAID of firmware Ub does and direct link surely in the main board rear bias USB pot, it does. When the USB hub of all uses.

3. Buffering Doe there is a dry cell battery inside the main body or the remaining amount above center must be remaining.

It is an explanation from the situation where the main body and the USB cable or the AC all the member adapter are not connected.
(Very importance) also it puts out that RAID hour absolute computer of firmware Ub, or, it does not take out the USB.

________________________________________ IPB Image ________________________________________

After ladling the compression of firmware file, it selects a file and the mouth click it does the right button, ' copy '
It selects.

IPB Image

________________________________________ IPB Image ________________________________________

The iAUDIO the M3 Su Beu Paeg (or khu Rae) leads and after connecting with the USB cable, iAUDIO M3
The FIRMWARE it attaches the firmware file which inside the folder it copies from before and.

IPB Image

The iAUDIO after connecting the M3 main body and Su Beu Paeg (or khu Rae), it connects the USB cable.

IPB Image

The iAUDIO it attaches the firmware file which inside the Firmware folder of the M3 it copies from before and.

________________________________________ IPB Image ________________________________________

Hardware crisis or it pulls out in window right side lower part portion and ' click it does iAUDIO the mouth left side button in icon and M3 the computer and crisis (connection cancellation).

IPB Image

________________________________________ IPB Image ________________________________________

The USB after removing the cable, it connects the AC all the member adapter.

IPB Image

________________________________________ IPB Image ________________________________________

li Wool cone LCD it leads and it confirms the progress situation of the RAID of firmware Ub.
The iAUDIO M3 is started in the firmware version which establishment progress until the right side end after being advanced, is established.

IPB Image

Firmware version information when all the member of the iAUDIO comes in, is indicated above the progress right side of the LCD screen,
After all the member comes in to, it will be able to confirm firmware version information from the Information of the MENU.

IPB Image


Nouvelles versions du Firmware :

iAUDIO M3 firmware 1.11

[Upgraded Feature]

- Supports 2000 folders and 10000 songs

Download 1.11

iAUDIO M3 firmware 1.10

[Upgraded Feature]

- Improvement on Device Stability


iAUDIO M3 firmware 1.09K

[Fixed Bug]

- Fixed bug that sound come out incorrectly on 16Kbps mp3 file.

[New Feature]

- Added scroll feature on Album and song title.

[Upgraded Feature]

- Correspond with high capacity battery on iAUDIO M3L.


iAUDIO M3 firmware 1.08

[Fixed Bug]

- Fixed problem where the buttons were often activated incorrectly while booting the iAUDIO M3.

Download 1.08


iAUDIO M3 firmware 1.07

- The M3U, TEXT file loading hour, occasionally the bug amendment which becomes knock-down
- The father thing the bug amendment which becomes poem and occasionally knock-down
- The case where the music file will not be one, file icon and Navigator folder indication bug amendment


iAUDIO M3 firmware 1.06k

- PlayMode simple conversion function addition (Menu -> General -> from Control set possibility)
- Text file pyu U function addition (there is by a TEXTFILE folder.txt file)
- In M3U list, is omitted and well the bug amendment which is not searched
- DPL list with the shuffle while remaking, DPL elimination hour the bug amendment where the different music is eliminated
- OGG remaking efficiency improvement
- The first level up Skip Length set hour, five operation bug amendments

Text pyu U function direction for use
1. It wants in the Root/TEXTFILE folder.txt file copy
2. From Navigator.txt file of TEXTFILE folder lower part selection
3. VOL+/- button: One line scroll
4. FF/REW button: One page scroll
5. MODE button: Temporary conversion of remaking screen and
6. REC button: Text pyu U end
7. MENU button: Text Navigator (it wants with the line which jump function)

Text pyu U support su pheyk
- In file contents, 128KB it peels but recognition (until 10000 lines indication possibility)
- Line/page unit scroll
- Specific line jump function (text Navigator)
- Conversion function of remaking screen and
- Multi national language support


iAUDIO M3 firmware 1.05

- The DPL and M3U list the bug amendment where remaking hour, currently the music is by mistake indicated with the shuffle from Navigator
- After USB mode entering, Boundary set in order to maintain, function amendment
- Sound recording hour, the Sleep timer in order to be applied, function amendment


iAUDIO M3 firmware 1.04

- From the DPL and M3U list format star icon the bug amendment which is not indicated
- From the condition which goes out, rightly after USB mode entering, resume information initial anger the bug amendment which does not become


iAUDIO M3 firmware 1.02

- The case which will press a FF height from Navigator file item, in order to remake at the Navigator screen, the function fringe land
- From Navigator POP Ub "the case which will select Play Now", in order to remake at the Navigator screen, the function fringe land
- File format star icon indication function addition
- Music fringe land hour noise removal

- The sound recording middle the Sleep timer the bug amendment which is applied
- The power off progress middle, in the poem which the adapter will insert again five operation bug amendments
- FileIndex price error correction of radio sound recording screen
- Segment repetition set -> break -> Navigator different music selection -> the screen the bug amendment which breaks
- Sets schedule hour with the Remained, at fast rewind hour, hour the loop the bug amendment which goes round
- From sound recording mode after remaking, the case which it will record again from the StandBy, subject the bug amendment which is not indicated
- Sound recording break -> sound recording completion -> the bug amendment which becomes remaking hour knock-down

Si vous avez des questions, n'hésitez pas ^^

Par contre, c'est en anglais mais la traduction va venir au fur et à mesure. @ + bisou.gif

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posté 27/05/2004, 01:08
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merci Colpine.... beau boulot, comme d'hab clindoeil.gif

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allez visiter la F.A.Q. GMP3 avant toute question sur la technologie, la connectique et les normes ainsi que sur l'utilisation ou la composition de certains lecteurs :jap:

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