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Nouveau firmware annoncé
posté 20/04/2004, 18:18
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Il semblerait qu'un nouveau firmware sera disponible le mois prochain pour les NexIIe et les NexIa (pour les Nexia + auusi j'espère).

Je vous tiens informé.

Pour info voici le mail d'un utilisateur et la réponse:

They did indeed reply. We'll have to see. I'm certainly not holding
my breath. Note that there was no comment on the pricing which I
still think is too high.

Subj: Re: Why I won't buy a HD based MP3 (L1) player from Frontier
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 22:51:43 +0800
From: "Frontier Labs." <sales@f...>
Dear Sir,

Please be informed that we will be releasing firmware updates for NEX
II and
NEX IA next month.

Thank you.

Customer Support
Frontier Labs.

> It would be interesting to know if they reply to your email.
> keep us updated.
> I recently emailed their support people when I lost a battery door
> and they said they're mailing me another one at no charge. They're
> fast with their email replies but I haven't got the door yet. It's
> been about a month. I don't mind waiting. I just hope I get it.
> Barry

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Je les écoute aussi sur Créative ZEN Xtra

"pour vos questions sur Fronteer Lab (Nex iA et iA+) et Koss KSC50/55"
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